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The secret to having what you want, to success, to living a great life is to feel good as you are, where you are, no matter what your circumstance.

When you feel good, you think better thoughts, you create better feelings and your life can flow much easier towards what it is you want.

The opposite is just as true - think of the mindset you have when you're not feeling good, when you feel tired, or down, or in pain.

But how do you do that in reality? How do you move through pain - emotional, physical or spiritual? How do you keep your perspective and keep yourself on track?

“The secret is to just keep moving towards feeling good, no matter how small of a movement it is - in this moment in time."

When I'm not feeling the best, I go into creating moments for myself that I know will put me in a different state so I can create a better mindset from which I can move forward from.

Here are some of my favourite ways to do that:

☕️cup of coffee and spending time focusing on all that I'm grateful for

🤣funny or inspiring video that makes me laugh or feel good

📝journaling - I let my thoughts flow onto a paper or notes on my phone

🌳getting outside - nature is so healing

💨deep breathing - did you know you can shift your state just by taking a few deep breaths?

🧘🏼‍♀️meditating with a guided audio - the power of affirmations is real

🎙listening to an uplifting book or podcast

🎧putting on my favourite playlist and tiding up around me

📱calling a friend

How do you create a better feeling moment for yourself when you need it?

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