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You know the is if 6pm? Where has the day gone? There just isn't enough time in a day to get everything done! There is not enough time to see everyone or connect! There is not even enough time for me!!

What if there was one thing you could do everyday to help create more time in your day? Would you do it?

The good news is, there is a thing you can do to create more time in your day, to slow time down from rushing by you. The bad news is, it's both really simple and really hard to do. This tool will not only help you create more time in your day, it will also improve your relationships, improve how you feel about yourself, and improve how you see the world in general. So what is this magical, mystical thing? It is MINDFULNESS.

Yup, I warned you... very simple yet hard to do on the daily. Being mindful is the simple thing that has the power to change our lives yet so few of us practice it. We spend so much time distracted, rushing through our days, and living life on autopilot. Imagine what could happen if we went though our days evaluating moments by how much value, pleasure or happiness they bring us? Would we sill sit infant of the tv for as long? Would we still keep scrolling only to find a whole hour has gone by? Imagine getting into tune with the fact that every single moment is here only once. It is unique and once it passed, we never get it back. With something so precious, should we not pay more attention?

Imagine what would happen if instead of turning to a screen, you turned to your partner or your child or your friend and started a conversation. What would happened if you gave that person your undivided attention and really paid attention to what they were saying. What would happen if you connected for a moment with no distractions other than wanting to be there for the person in front of you. Do you think your life would change?

In any situation, you have the power to check in and bring your attention back to this moment, back to this precious point in time that won't come by again.

So where do you start? It's about creating little moments of mindfulness, daily. Soon, you will automatically feel the moments more, feel the gratitude that is to be felt all around you and you will find you enjoy your days to the fullest.

Try this simple morning routine. It takes less than 2 minutes and will create a space for you to start your day from peace and gratitude and move through your day in a more mindful state.


Take a moment each morning and take a deep breath. Better yet, take a series of deep breaths and really feel your body getting oxygenated, getting energized by the fresh oxygen you're bringing into each and every one of your cells. A lot of us don't breathe enough or deep enough. Getting back to consciously brining in more oxygen into your system is of great benefit to our body and mind.


While you breathe and feel your breath recharging your body, just for a moment, think about everything your body does for you. All the countless functions it carries out every second of every day to keep you healthy, to keep you functioning, to keep you alive. Say thanks to your body, feel the gratitude flow through you and enjoy the moment. If you're up for the challenge, think of three other things that you are grateful for and really feel that happiness and appreciation warm up your body and soul.


I'm not saying forget about your responsibilities or your loved ones. I'm saying, put yourself first and fill up your cup so you have something to pour out. Many of us start our days by already thinking of a 100 things we need to do before we even get out of bed. Start your day by checking in with yourself. Ask yourself - What needs to happen today for you to have a great day? What needs to happen for you to feel happy and fulfilled? What can you do to make that happen?

By checking in with yourself, paying attention to how you're feeling and meeting your needs first, you will be able to tap into your internal power. You'll be able to overcome anything you want change, be more present during your day and create a more peaceful space to interact.

These simple habits can help take you out of your negative patterns and onto a path to a mindful and fulfilling life.

Enjoy being in the moment and taking care of yourself.



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