Improve daily.

Yup. It's as simple as that.

It is a scientifically proven fact that if you strive to do better every day, you will be happier every day. You might not get to your goal or even close to it but experiencing progress will make all the difference in your life.

Feeling in charge of your own life is something that most of us need and is the key to happiness. So grab your life by the horns and let's get improving!

What if instead of focusing on how overwhelming the big picture is, you did something daily to move you forward? Every little step is a step forward and counts!

We all know the feeling....You want something more in life, you have that itch. But what do you do?? Where do you start?? Answering these questions can seem so overwhelming that it might seem impossible.

Well, let's simplify. Let’s say you have an hour or 30minutes a day of time you can dedicate to your dreams, to working on that passion project or side hustle you've always wanted to start. You need to schedule this time out and use it wisely. You need to close the door, shut your phone off and work on what you want to achieve. I know, I know, turn your phone off??!! YES! Tune out the distractions and make your time count!

If your goal is losing weight – there is no point in you planning. You need to do - use your time to do jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups or just walk in place. Do anything that is available and feels comfortable to you. After you move your body, take time to plan out your meals, your workout schedule or anything you feel will be beneficial. Just don't get trapped in the 'I'm thinking and planing' hole. Doing is the key to succeeding here.

If your goal is working on change of career - work on action items. Do you need to update your resume? Do you want to work for yourself? What is the priority task that when completed will push you forward the most? Concentrate on completing the big ticket item that will make the biggest difference to you when completed. But don't get stuck with excuses for not doing anything if the big ticket item seems too overwhelming. Break it down, write up steps you need to take to get you to where you want to be. Make a list of people to network with, courses to take or groups to join. As Nike says, Just Do IT!

STEP OUT of your comfort zone.

You are always the one in control of your body, your mind and your state. You have the choice. Don’t wait for the perfect moment – it will never come. The closest you will get to the perfect moment is now. So take your moments and make them count because you are designing your life with each one that passes.

BE THE CHANGE you want

If there is anything you want to change in the world you have to look at yourself and do what you can control. You don’t have power over other people, you can't control what they say, what they do or how they act. The only person you have control over is yourself. And that meant all of you – your thoughts, your attitude, your feelings, your reactions – you are always the one in charge.

Be your own light, own your power.



Want to take charge and create a life you love and deserve? A hypnotherapy session can help you uncover your current blocks, understand them, release them and reprogram them to serve you in whatever way it is you want. To find out more, book your discovery call with me today!


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