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Tracy C.

Essex, UK

I had the most incredible session with Ilona today and I’m still blown away by the whole thing. For well over 20 years, I had suffered from severe hay fever, which got progressively worse each year, leaving me miserable and exhausted for months on end. Until today that is.


Ilona put me at absolute ease and into the most relaxing state before she guided me effortlessly towards the root cause of the symptoms. I could feel the love and encouragement she was projecting onto me, throughout the experience, from finding the cause to eradicating the issue forever. I literally felt them leaving my body during the session.

I highly recommend Ilona to help with any issues you may have. She’s a beautiful lady, inside and out.

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Valerie H.


Thank you so much, Ilona, you are a weight loss expert!

I have tried CBT before which was good (although it clearly didn't help me lose any weight), but it really didn't give me any answers as to why I was struggling so hard to lose weight.

This was an amazing therapy session with you, not only did I actually feel lighter afterward but I had no doubts about achieving my goal weight. I felt completely different right away, even dressing the next morning, I felt differently about my body. I liked how relaxed I was and I also liked how easy it was to find answers I've been needing for years.


I can't recommend Ilona enough. When I think of all the money I've spent on failed weight-loss, RTT is an absolute steal. 

I wish I had done it sooner!

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Helena D.


I had an RTT session with Ilona and can't recommend her highly enough. She has a very special quality of being truly present and creating an incredibly safe, comfortable space for anything to appear.


I am already seeing benefits from my session with her and will definitely be in touch with her again in the future.


Thanks, Ilona!

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Asli O.

Istanbul, Turkey

I had the most eye-opening RTT session with Ilona. She is an amazing therapist. I was nervous in the beginning but her kindness and soothing voice made me feel comfortable and relaxed in no time.


The understanding that I got during the session about my psyche and why I do the things I do was invaluable.


Even though I didn't feel a major change at the end of the session, the upcoming days revealed that the new process in my mind was definitely taking hold. I feel more aware and more in control and am able to stop myself from engaging in self-destructing old patterns.


Thank you so much Ilona for such a life-changing experience!

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Jacqueline T.

Geelong, Australia

I had the pleasure of experiencing an RTT session with Ilona.


She was delightfully patient, heartfelt and knowledgeable. I felt completely at ease with her during the session and would recommend her to anyone who would like to experience more peace, stillness, and calm in life.


Thank you Ilona - you are amazing at what you do.

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Esther P.

Sauveur, France

Ilona is a very gentle warm person who truly makes you feel relaxed to go deep inside yourself.


She connected me to a part of me that was "lost" and helped me heal her. She has given it her all to support me and this session is really a very special turning point for me. 


Thank you, Ilona.

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Candice M.

BC, Canada

Such a wonderful experience.


You won’t regret going to see Ilona for whatever it is you need. Such an easy person to talk to too.


Thank you!

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Jenna S.

BC, Canada

Just had my first session with Ilona last week. She did a healing/fertility session with me and for the first time in two years, I feel positive and excited like this is actually going to happen for me!


Ilona is so passionate and caring. I’m excited for her to be a part of my journey 


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