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Self Hatred

Grief & Pain

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Eating Issues

Weight Issues

Sexual Issues

Sleep Issues







Did You Know ?

That Your Subconscious Mind Controls 95% Of Your Habitual Actions And Thoughts!


This means that old patterns and habits can hold you back, even when you're striving forward. It's no surprise that many of us find ourselves taking one step forward, only to take two steps back.


If you're like me and crave more out of life - more passion, happiness, and abundance - then you're in the right place.


You being here is a sign that it's time to break free from the patterns of self-sabotage, self-hate, and self-punishment. It's time to unleash your full potential, feel great, and create the life you've always wanted.

"I had the most eye opening session with Ilona!"

"The understanding that I got during the session about my psyche and why I do the things I do was invaluable..."

Asli O, Turkey
Testimonial Asli O
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Please take a moment to fill out the form below. Your application will be treated with the utmost care and attention by Ilona, who will review it promptly upon submission. If your application meets the necessary requirements, Ilona will contact you to schedule a consultation.

During this consultation, she will not only explore the information you have provided in greater detail but also address any concerns you may have regarding a one on one session pricing and the healing process required to resolve your issue/s.

Rest assured, all sessions will be conducted via Zoom or your preferred video communication platform, allowing you to participate comfortably from the convenience of your own home.
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What is your biggest worry/ fear? (Which area of your life gets affected the most by this?)
What would you like to release, attract, and or transform? (What are your expectations for a session?)
Imagine it is a year from now and it was your best year yet, what has changed for you?:

On a scale of  1-5, rate how true the following statements are for you. (1 = Never - 5 = Always)

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I have mental clarity & focus when required

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I'm able to maintain a peaceful & calm state during the day.

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

Even when triggered, I'm able to stay proactive vs. reactive

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I can help myself using energy healing techniques & practices.

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I am happy with my health & vibrancy.

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I know I am enough just the way I am.

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I love myself.

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I love my body.

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I feel positive about my future.

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I sleep easily and soundly through the night.

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

I wake up full of energy.

Select the number that best corresponds to each feeling in your average day. (1 = Never - 5 = Always)

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

Self Hatred

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

Crying Spells

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways


NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways


NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways


NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

Lack Of Energy

NeverRarelyOnce In A WhileSometimesAlways

Suicidal Thoughts

I understand that Ilona will provide world class clinical therapy and coaching, however I am responsible for my own results after.

If you are invited to join Ilona for an interview, do you agree that all information provided is truthful to the best of your knowledge and you also agree to our terms and conditions.

Testimonial jen P selfie

There are a select few practitioners that I would trust with my physical body and my consciousness, and Ilona is one of those people. She’s a guided, intuitive, and very powerful healer. I always experience big energetic and subconscious shifts after working with her.


Her style is gentle, yet deep, and she intuitively knows what to ask and where to go. I highly recommend Ilona for anyone that is new or experienced with hypnotherapy because her unique style will help you release whatever is ready to go and make space for what is ready to come.

Jen P, Canada

Testimonial Kaleema K selfie

Ilona is such a breath of fresh air and is so amazing at what she does. I felt her heart and soul come through in her work- she is so caring, intuitive, and authentic.


I definitely felt safe and cared for before, during, and after my session with her. She takes her time, really gets to the root of the issue, and is phenomenal at seeing what the client needs in each moment. Ilona is a beautiful balance of gentleness and calm and undeniable, unwavering power.


I am so grateful to work with her and I can’t recommend her enough!

Kaleema K, Canada

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